Thursday, 19 January 2012

One For The Money Streaming

Starring: Katherine Heigl, Jason O'Mara and Daniel Sunjata 
Directed by: Julie Anne Robinson 
Writers: Stacy Sherman (screenplay), Karen Ray (screenplay), Janet Evanovich (novel)
Synopsis: This movie is based upon the best selling novel with the same name written by Janet Evanovichthe and follows the story of a woman named Stephanie Plum who is newly divorced and out of work and facing serious financial crisis. To end her financial woes she accepts a job in her cousin's bail-bond business where she has to work as a bounty hunter. Watch One For The Money online to see how come having no training and equipment she become successful in getting a job and how she gonna face her first assignment in which she is on a trail to capture a former cop who is on the run after being under the charges of murder and moreover who also used to be her crush in school time. To achieve her mission, a man named Ranger who happens to be the best bounty gives training to her and with the help of him Stephanie also learns what it takes to be a true bounty hunter.Well, will she be able to achieve her first mission and become successful in tracking down her school time crush or will she lose job once again? To know more must download One For The Money movie 


Monday, 16 January 2012

The Grey Streaming

Starring: Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney and Frank Grillo  
Directed by: Joe Carnahan 
Writers: Joe Carnahan  
SynopsisDirected by Joe Carnahan, The grey movie follows the adventurous but unwanted journey of a cluster of oil-rig roughnecks who are being trapped in the land of wilderness after their plane crash. Watch The Grey Movie online to witness the journey of husky oil rig workers who found themselves  as intruders in the snowy area which covered with wild wolves. Though they are on the battle to survive in the circumstances and put this disparate clique of workers in a susceptible state. Being stucked on the snowy island they have to struggle with their injuries, hunger, wild cold temperature and the bloody Wolves who are eager for prey and they are the most difficult challenge in front of them with whom they have to fight for their life. So, you will see the one-on-one fight with bloodthirsty pack of wolves on this icy land and moreover only courage can save these husky workers in such a condition while they have no other companion. Will the gang be able to save their life from the bloodthirsty wolves or will they have to quit themselves and lose their life in front of those wolves? To know the fate of oil rig workers must download The Grey movie and enjoy with its remarkable glimpses which is packed with full of action and adventures.


Red Tails Streaming

Starring: Nate Parker, David Oyelowo and Ne-Yo  
Directed by: Anthony Hemingway  
Writers: John Ridley  
SynopsisThis Masterpiece is directed by Anthony Hemingway, Red Tails is based on the story of a crew of African American pilots on the backdrop of World War 2 who face racism as its the era where people used to follow the Jim crows laws of inequality that worked as a hindrance to the development of many people that time. Watch Red Tails Movie Online where you will find the group of African American pilot who are on Tuskegee training programme and institute follow the discrimination path by which after three months training, white soldiers serve as a soldier to fight for the country and the black army has to stay with the inferior planes as officials having the notion that blacks are not meant for trust only white people can win the battle.So,this movie showcases the era of discrimination where people put on discrimination according to their color. Furthermore,as the movie progresses it will take an interesting turn where most of the military men loses their life and forces the leader Col. A.J. Bullard to call for more army and as a result he awards the African crew for the ultimate chance to prove themselves by calling them into duty.So,download Red Tails movie to see the final experience of Crew of African pilots who are on the edge to prove their worth. Will they be able to eradicate the discrimination by involving themselves in the world war fight with inferior quality planes.


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Contraband full streaming

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Giovanni Ribisi and Kate Beckinsale 
Directed by: Baltasar Korm├íkur 
Writers: Aaron Guzikowski, Arnaldur Indri├░ason 
Synopsis: The action thriller Contraband brings the saga of a man named Chris Farraday who has discarded his life of crime long ago and now leading a pleasant life with his wife and two sons. Though everything is going smoothly in his life until his brother in law Andy involved in the work of smuggling and caught up in a chaos when his boss Tim Briggs goes in disarray. Watch Contraband Online to witness the journey of a man who is trying to stay out of the world which is full of frenzied immoral and corrupt bureaucrats that he worked so hard to leave behind and the family he’ll do anything to protect. However to save the life of Andy and settle his debts, Chris has to get back his past life where he used to be a legendary smuggler by which he involved himself in illicit selling of drugs in order to get the things right on track and with only hours to arrange cash .Furthermore, to achieve his mission in a successful manner he teams up with his best friend Sebastian and must pursuit to reach his family before Tim gets them first.So,must download Contraband movie to know the fate of Chris and his family.



Starring: Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins and Alfred Molina 
Directed by: John Singleton 
Writers: Shawn Christensen 
Synopsis: Directed by John Singleton, Abduction is a drama movie filled with thriller. The movie establishes the story of a guy named Nathan Harper who is finding his real identity as his real parents are not real. He has a strong feeling that he is leading someone else’s life and the moment comes when he see his baby photo on a missing persons website. Watch Abduction movie online to see the truth behind this mystery that completely changes the Nathan’s life. The moment he realizes his parents are not his own and his life is a lie and carefully made-up to hide the truth that can be more mysterious. So, he decides to uncover the truth and as he begins Nathan is targeted by team of trained killers, thereby urges him to take help and run with only person he can trust, his neighbor Karen to find out the real truth of his life. If you have a desire to find out the truth behind this mystery then download Abduction movie and witness the mystery of Nathan subtle biological father. This thrilling journey is definitely gives you the glimpses of entertainment and keep yourself fix on the chairs until the mystery unveil. The movie represent the incidents that have been fabricated expertly in order to hide the darkest truth.


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Real Steel Streaming

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Dakota Goyo 
Directed by: Shawn Levy
Writers: John Gatins, Dan Gilroy and Jeremy Leven
SynopsisReal Steel is a movie which can engross you in the deep terrain of drama action genre, and the movie is directed by Shawn Levy which tells the story of a derelict fighter named Charlie Kenton who is a popular fighter but now has lost his chance on a title when 2000 pound and 8 foot tall steel robot take over his place in the boxing arena. If you desire to experience such a remarkable movie, Watch Real steel online to see the ride of future where robot boxing has become popular sport and human boxing is outlawed. This sport also become high tech and expensive, thereby Charlie take over the work as a small time promoter and earn his bread by piecing together low end bots from scrap metal.Meanwhile,with the death of his exgirlfriend, he is able to get the custody of his son Max who further teams up with him and fulfil his desire. Charlie makes an effort to stand his son Max to participate in the competition and wants to win this championship. To plunge you deep into the environment of drama cum action, then download Real Steel Movie with supreme quality picture and thunder sound.


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Darkest Hour

Starring: Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby and Max Minghella
Directed by: Chris Gorak
Writers: Jon Spaihts (screenplay), Leslie Bohem (story)
SynopsisThe darkest hour is a 3D science fiction film which is an American based production that depicts the story of an alien invasion in Russia. The film has been directed by Chris Gorak. Watch The Darkest Hour online which tells the story of young adults who struggles to survive in Russia after an alien invasion. Being trapped in Moscow, they find themselves to fight the supreme powerful breeds out of the planet and struggling to survive in the wake of a devastating alien attack. The major hurdle in their way is aliens are invisible electric forms and that conquers the world by frying out the electronic grid. So, they are facing not only the rage of aliens but also menacing darkness by the destruction of power grid which makes them disabled to fight against those evils. Will the gang be able to save the planet from the hands of those aliens or will they quit themselves while facing the hurdles to reach the main system of aliens in order to crash it.Thus, if you hold a desire to see such a remarkable movie, must download The Darkest Hour movie that will gives you the glimpses of adventurous with thrillers.



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